Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Code Of Conduct

A Legacy of Integrity and Care

At Lipic's Engagement, our dedication to corporate responsibility is woven into the fabric of our business. As a family-owned company with a heritage stretching back to 1863, we've always believed in doing the right thing—not just for our clients and employees but for our community and the environment. Our actions are guided by a set of core values that ensure we conduct our business with integrity, care for people, and a commitment to quality that goes beyond the bottom line.

Client Focus with a Conscience

We partner with our clients to not only achieve their goals but to do so in a way that's responsible and sustainable. This means offering products sourced from suppliers who share our commitment to ethical practices and environmental stewardship. It’s not just about the end result; it’s about how we get there together.

Community: Our Heart and Soul

Our sense of community extends beyond our office walls and into the heart of the regions we serve. Lipic's Engagement is actively involved in local initiatives aimed at making a positive impact—whether through volunteer work, donations, or supporting local businesses. We believe in the power of giving back and are committed to being a force for good in our community.

Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Innovation at Lipic's Engagement isn't just about staying ahead in the industry; it's also about finding new ways to reduce our environmental footprint. We are constantly exploring eco-friendly alternatives and practices, from sustainable product options to minimizing waste in our operations. Our goal is to lead by example, showing that business success and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand.

Integrity in Every Action

Our commitment to integrity means that we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in all our business dealings. From transparent communication with our clients to fair treatment of our employees and partners, we strive to act in a manner that is honest, fair, and worthy of trust.

Quality That Cares

For Lipic's Engagement, quality extends beyond the products and services we offer. It's about ensuring that every aspect of our business is conducted responsibly, from the way we source materials to the care we take in delivering our services. We believe in getting it right the first time, in a way that respects people and the planet.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is a journey, not a destination. We're constantly learning, growing, and evolving our practices to reflect our values and make a positive impact. We invite our clients, employees, and community members to join us in this commitment—together, we can make a meaningful difference.

We are proud to partner with these Socially and Environmentally Responsible suppliers that are FLA Participating or FLA Accredited Companies.

  • Ace Products
  • Alphabroder
  • AMA Systems
  • American Ad Bag
  • Ariel Premium Supply Inc
  • Bag Makers, Inc
  • Botanical PaperWorks USA
  • Brainchild USA Inc
  • Chameleon Like Inc
  • Cutter & Buck
  • Express-A-Button
  • Fey Promo
  • Foamworx USA
  • Fossa Apparel Inc
  • Gemline
  • Gordon Sinclair

  • iClick
  • Imagen Brands
  • Journal Books
  • Koozie Group
  • Logomark Inc
  • Polyconcept North America
  • Prime Line®
  • PVH Corporate Outfitters
  • SanMar
  • Seville Corporation
  • SnugZ USA
  • Spector & Co
  • Starline USA
  • Timeplanner Calendars
  • Tomax USA
  • Wov-In