Why Lipic's Engagement: Uniting Tradition with Innovation

Our Legacy: Over a Century of Excellence

Since 1863, Lipic's Engagement has been at the forefront of employee engagement and recognition. Starting from our roots as a midwestern family-owned business, we've grown alongside our clients, evolving our services to meet the changing needs of the modern workplace while staying true to our core values. Our longstanding history isn't just a testament to our durability; it's a reflection of our commitment to excellence and innovation in all we do.

Our Core Values: The Foundation of Our Success

  • Client Focus: At the heart of our business is a deep commitment to understanding and partnering with our clients. We see your success as our success and are dedicated to crafting solutions that truly make a difference.
  • Community: We believe in the power of caring for people, whether it's our team, our clients, or the broader community. This ethos is woven into every project, ensuring outcomes that are both meaningful and impactful.
  • Innovation: We're not just keeping pace with the industry; we're setting the standard. Our creative solutions to recognition and engagement are designed to captivate and inspire, driving your business forward.
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing is our guiding principle. From responsible sourcing to ethical business practices, we ensure that our solutions are not only effective but also honorable.
  • Quality: Our commitment to getting it right the first time around means you can trust us to deliver excellence, without compromise.

Our Core Focus: Engaging People

Our passion lies in engaging people, whether it's through recognizing your team or promoting your business. We understand the challenges businesses face in fostering a positive corporate culture and brand identity. Lipic's Engagement is uniquely positioned to help you overcome these challenges, thanks to our niche expertise in promotional, uniform, and recognition programs.

Our Target: Understanding Your Needs

We specialize in partnering with HR, Marketing, and Communication leaders. Our deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within this space allows us to offer targeted solutions that drive loyalty, retention, productivity, and innovation.

Our Promise: A Partner You Can Rely On

When you choose Lipic's Engagement, you're not just selecting a service provider; you're gaining a partner dedicated to your success. We understand the frustration of inconsistent branding, the complexity of managing multiple suppliers, and the challenges of a supplier who's hard to work with. Our promise to you is responsible product sourcing, reliable on-time delivery, and proactive, start-to-finish project management.

Why Lipic's? Because Your People Matter

At the end of the day, choosing Lipic's Engagement means choosing a company that genuinely cares about engaging your team and promoting your business in meaningful ways. Our rich history, coupled with a forward-looking approach, makes us the ideal partner for organizations looking to make a real difference in their workplace and their market.

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