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For small & large organizations


We provide a variety of wearable items to both large and small organizations for their employees to wear as uniforms. These items include work shirts, pants, helmets, safety apparel, masks, gloves and more. 


We also provide digital portals and stores to enable employees to easily order and organizations to manage budgets. We service a wide range of industries, including grocery, retail, medical, construction, utilities, maintenance and more.

Any time I have needed assistance with a project, Lipic’s has been quick to respond! From requesting name tags to side jobs that my managers have requested, I’ve always been given realistic expectations and time frames! Awesome experience!
April Day
Sansone Group
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Five Generations, 155 Years

Lipic’s is a 150+ year old, fifth-generation, family-owned engagement firm. We help leaders create high-performance cultures that attract, develop, and retain successful employees, customers, and suppliers. 

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